Henna and Hair Color Manufacturing Process

Making of Henna Powder

STEP - 1

Leaves of henna plants are picked off from henna field or natural surroundings finished manually by engaging man power.

STEP - 2

Then the henna leaves are collected & sorted.

STEP - 3

In sorting procedure leaves which are new and are without any infections or defect are chosen for farther processing. We procuring High value Henna Leaves.

STEP - 4

Henna leaves from the areas are sieved to extract the impurities.

STEP - 5

Finally henna leaves are grinded in complete automatic machines.

Henna Plorizer

STEP - 6

After grinding henna is sieved afresh through the shifter to extract the last impurities.

Henna Grinder Machine

STEP - 7

Packing of Henna Powder in clear(transparent) polythene After manufacturing Process.

Henna Packing in Transparent Polythene

STEP - 8

Weighting by Wing Machine & sealed.

Weignting and Sealing

STEP - 9

Polythene pouch packaging in colored aluminium pouches.

Henna Packing in color Pouches

STEP - 10

Packing in Cartons

Henna Packing in Cartons

STEP - 11

Final Packing and ready for Sshipment.

Henna Final Packing