Indigo Powder For Hair

Indigo (indigofera tinctoria) is a shrub grows between 1m - 2m high, blossoming throughout July-September, it is a frost tender plant of the tropics and discovered in temperate localities of India which needs abounding of lightweight. Its a constituent of the legume family, fabaceae and third largest family of flowering plants, indigofera tinctoria can biologically rectify nitrogen, every year enriching the dirt. The Indigo Powder is got from the dry leaves of indigo fear tinctoria vegetation.
Natural Indigo leaves offered by us are flawless for hair tinting due to their deep blue hue.

Indigo Leaves

Natural Indigo Leaves made accessible by us are broadly acknowledged for their value. Natural Indigo Leaves are extracted from the Indigo vegetation to give hue, also known as factual Indigo or Neelam.

Natural Indigo departs are utilised to make dyes for dyeing fabric and even hair (on its own or blended with henna) without the use of any chemical. Natural Indigo departs suggested by us are flawless for hair coloring due to their deep blue color.