From Director's Desk

Since inception, Kirpal Export Overseas (KEO) has arrive a long way and we have conceived our own ethical status and a exclusive image in international market.

We are thankful to our customers for their swamping response and support, which has made us successfully set up our foothold in worldwide market as one of the best henna manufacturer in India. Acceptability of our natural products is increasing very quick. contemplating the powerful demand from Indian market, we expanded into a wide range of hair care products such as henna powder, henna hair dye and chemical free hair colors.

KEO effectively commenced new notion products like 100% Chemical free hair colors it took no time for these new concepts to become well liked all over world, as a new option for safer and natural hair tinting. KEO brand accomplished a big success in International market within the last ten years.

KEO is pioneer and monopolist in worldwide market for its exclusive natural henna and Henna based hair colors and has currently established itself in the untapped market of JAPAN, USA, SOUTH KOREA, TAIWAN, HONK KONG, SINGAPORE, SOUTH AFRICA, MONGOLIA and GULF nations.

KEO is contributing to the commerce at large by conveying new products and techniques and teaching professionals internationally to cater to the need of clients worldwide.

KEO study and development group achieved a foremost breakthrough by effectively evolving 100% natural and herbal permanent hair colors in dust pattern and Henna based hair hue, which is the first in the world.

One major objective of KEO is to insert safest hair care products, herbal beauty goods for the international buyers. KEO has effectively established a enterprise alliance in Japan for the constructing of KEO brand colors and a variety of chemical free hair colors.

Many worldwide reputed cosmetics companies are close to KEO for likely association to arrest fast growing worldwide market. shortly, we will fulfill the demand and sustain to offer our world-class services to purchasers. We have expanded our output capacity by establishing a new manufacturer with newest expertise and modern mechanism and equipments.

More new developments to be conversed about shortly double-checking our highest product quality and services to our customers....

With Best Regards
Mr. Sunil Walia